An Author of Sorts

Bart Lessard is the made-up name of a cranky loner who writes fiction that is hard to categorize. A review in the Glasgow Herald a few years back said he had “a fascination for the macabre, shot through with a seam of jet-black humour.” Fair enough. Genre might not exist—certainly not the “literary” kind that puts cachet first—but crime shows up here, as does horror, satire, and historical adventure. The sole aim in any Lessard story is a yarn in good prose. Voltaire got to write about an extraterrestrial, Shakespeare a mutant, and Nabokov an alternate history, and the fun they had did their reputations no harm at all.

Under a different name Lessard is a Zen Buddhist monk for City Cave Zen in Glasgow, Scotland, and worldwide online. Also, he has hobbies.